Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Fluorescent turd

Am I the only one (please, let me not be the only one) who doesn't find a cake topped with a luminous green turd particularly appetising?

Also, how do you eat the thing? You'd end up with the green turd smeared on your nose. Aesthetically and functionally compromised.

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The New Wolf said...

Mr Hooligan.

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I've looked through a few articles on your blog and like what I read. I was wondering if we could publish some of your work on ours (with full accredation, and a link to your site, of course). Alternatively, if you'd like to write something specifically for us, we'd gladly receive it.
Have a look through our site and get back to me (; I'll send you our latest mailout if you're interested.

Best -

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PS. appologies for using the comment form for this...I couldn't find an e-mail button..!

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