Thursday, 20 January 2011

Blair Had A Choice About Iraq, You Say? Blimey, Thanks For Your Insight.

Two political posts in one day. Whew, eh? I wrote about silly Ed Miliband and his pathetic letter to Alan Johnson. And I was about to go to bed. But then I saw a headline. And it made me angry. The headline?

Well stone the fucking crows. There was me thinking he had no choice.

Of course he had a way out of the invasion, by the risen Christ. That's searingly, blindingly obvious, surely? The way out was not to do it.

I for one am tremendously bored of this Shitcot nonsense.

There's a point where a leader takes a decision. You can agree with that decision or you can disagree with it. But what in god's name is the point of all this quibbling bollockry? Newsflash: Chilcot inquiry discovers that decisions sometimes necessitate rejecting other options.


I don't say anyone has to agree with Blair's decision, obviously. That's not what this post is about. But isn't it insultingly bloody obvious that every single leader constantly has to fix a course of action whilst being aware that there are other options?

Or should all leaders be like the squatting, paralysed Gordon Brown?

Disagree (and disagree vociferously) with leaders' decisions, by all means. But please fucking don't let's start pretending it's a surprise to find out that other options were discarded.

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