Thursday, 29 April 2010

Sir Terry Wogan Eats Whore's Pasta (Exclusive)

You read it here first.

So. Hot on the heels of Davina McCall's Spaghetti, we have Sir Tezza chewing away on his Fusilli Putanesca. I presume he does know what 'putanesca' means and is chuckling away to himself all the while.

Who is to be our next culinary Wenceslas? I invited you to add your suggestions on the Davina McCall post – but was bitterly disappointed at the lack thereof. C'mon, blogprodders. There's still time.

(There's always still time.)


Rebecca said...

'Spaghetti Hooligan Hoops'...No?

shinyforager said...

Rib's Spicy Stringozzi?

(Sorry, Terry, you've been upstaged)

Sarah said...

How about Ed Balls' Spaghetti polpetti?

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