Tuesday, 13 April 2010

A Parade Of Old Posts

Bit of a burst of new subscriptions to this ol' blog, lately. Greetings, greetings, my sweets.

(If you were a sweet, which would you be? Ponder that. Feel free to add your answer and accompanying Cartesian rationale in the comments, should you be so moved.)


Yes. So I thought I'd write a post to welcome y'all, newcomers. Long may your feedreaders be pointed in my direction.

An apt kind of welcome would be to tell you what this blog is about. [Insert dry & mirthless laugh].

See, I realise that blogs should occupy a niche. That's how you get traffic – by becoming an authority within your specialism.

But that requires having a specialism.

Now, I thought long and hard. I scoured the recesses of my mind (and, boy, that was a grim and disturbing process). But specialism came there none. I may be nicheless.

But there are patterns to this blog's erratic output, nevertheless. And just as the best way to understand how a family works is to meet a few family members, the best way to comprehend the Intellectual Hooligan is to take in a few posts. They all have something to say, so get to know 'em all. Even Great Uncle Barnabus, who smells a bit odd.

So, without ado, here are some of the (plastic) jewels in the Intellectual Hooligan's crown: posts, you might say, of yore. And I've even put 'em into categories, in a vain attempt to make up for the lack of niche.

Category 1: Mocking the Mediocre

Category 2: Painful yet Cathartic Self-Revelation

Category 3: Lite-erary Criticism

Category 4: Attempts (not always successful) At Having A Grown-Up Opinion

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