Thursday, 21 January 2010

Juicy flies on the Web (2)

Occasionally (very, very occasionally), the Intellectual Hooligan finds good things on the Ninternet.

(Because most of the time, let's be clear about this, the Ninternet is boring as hell.)

And when the Intellectual Hooligan finds good things, the Intellectual Hooligan shares those good things. So, without ado, here are some recently-uncovered gems, unified by a theme of thematic disunity.

  • Human typography. This is a fantastic idea, rather beautifully executed. One of those 'from self-imposed limitations comes brilliant ingenuity' instances. Very clever indeed. (Thanks @ThinkingType)
  • That's Why I Chose Yale. Absolutely inspired: I cannot praise this sufficiently highly. Deserving of viral epidemic status. One (smallish) facet of my own job is the shooting and editing of promotional video for my College, and I know exactly how hard it is to avoid a slight cheesiness. So this is the perfect solution to such a problem: embrace the cheese. Necessity is transmuted to virtue. A*
  • How to categorise human beings. This is the kind of thing that fascinates me: an elaborate 'swatchbook for humanity'. (Thanks @Trison)

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