Saturday, 10 October 2009

David Cameron; Peter Mandelson: your verdict?

I was talking to my dear friend Rebecca (yes, portrait artist Rebecca; fellow Cogwheel Dog Rebecca. Rebecca the adopter) today, and our Skype conversation turned to – of all things – politics.

I gave voice, y'see, to a sense of frustration with the Left. My sense of frustration was (as it happens) specific rather than generic – but that's immaterial. Whatever I said caused Rebecca to type the following message in response:

'You don't like David Cameron do you?'

It was a question that took me utterly by surprise. Because – as I said to Rebecca – it was a little like asking: 'You don't like algae, do you?'

In other words: a game-changer of a question. A question that, in and of itself, throws open the doorway (or uncovers the rabbithole) to a troubling Alice in Wonderland-esque realm of possibilities hitherto unconceived.

Like remarking to a distinguished old sea bass: 'So – you've never wondered about spending a few weeks' holiday on dry land, then? A shame: I think you'd really appreciate the Pyramids.'

The Notion of Liking David Cameron

The notion of Liking David Cameron, you see, is not in the universe I inhabit. It's like the notion of breathing ivory or criticising water. (Yeh. Bloody water. Always so goddamn fluid, aren't you?)

It's not that I hate the man, either, I might add. I wish him nothing but … um … nothing, I guess.

So, anyhow. I wondered what the fine readers of the Intellectual Hooligan think of Mr Cameron.

It's a nuanced political issue, I realise. So I decided that the best way to canvas would be via a multiple choice poll.

Vote, my pretties! Vote! Let's show MORI how it's done.

Oh, and while we're at it: Peter Mandelson

Old Petey comes in for a fair bit of popular hatred, it seems to me. I've never really understood why. I don't mind the chap. And, anyway, how can you hate someone who likes dogs so much?

But, once again – over to you, Hooliganettes. Deliver, if you please, your verdict on Mandy:

I'd also like to point out that online polls are very easily abused, and multiple voting is quite possible. So I'd like to make a request: please abuse the above polls as much as you like. Bring on the multiple voting. Game the system ...

… and make it look as though I have LOADS of subscribers.

(C'mon. I agonise about this stuff.)

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Ally said...

Quite right, I find it impossible to conceive of *liking* David Cameron. People will most likely vote for him out of discontent and hatred of Gordon Brown, but they will soon find out he's NOT the lesser of two evils. The lesser of most things, yes, but evils I'm not so sure...

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