Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Curry (from the Chinese) and other Ulster Faves

Regional TV, the Intellectual Hooligan loves you. May your light never fail.

Have a watch of this video, which was supplied to me by a notoriously well-connected sometime-mover, sometime-shaker of the Belfast media circuit. It is Ultimate Ulster's nailbiting rundown of Ulster's top 10 meals.

Don't fret if you think it starts off slow: the pace soon picks up.

Any list of top 10 dishes that features 'Chicken' as an item on its own is surely worth a watch. (As if we didn't all know towards what nefarious ends the noble chicken may find itself used.)

If you're impatient for the comic highlight, however, I recommend you skip to 14.20 or so – number 3:

'A dish that crosses international boundaries with a cultural clash that you find irresistible.'

Irresistible indeed.

Stick around, won't you, for the Chinese Curry advocate who subsequently appears at around 15:40 (after some unfortunate Chinese chef has submitted to the indignity of describing the creation of 'Chinese Curry' as if it were some proud, ancient tradition).

'I voted for curry because it's a bit of an event in our house on a Friday evening. Most nights my wife will cook something, but on a Friday night it's a takeaway, and Chinese curry is for us.'

Right. I bet your wife is gratified to provide the culinary backdrop for so eagerly anticipated an event. She plays her John-the-Baptist-esque 'I am not the Christ, but that I am sent before him' role with humble reverence, preparing the ground for that which follows.

By the time you reach number 2 or so, you'll probably be half dead with the suspense of it all. What's going to be number 1? To what dish (what dish that could triumph over such renowned feats of gastronomy as 'Chicken'?) will be awarded that most prized of accolades: Ulster's favourite dish?

I'm not going to spoil that surprise for you. But I recommend that you jump in at 18.40 or thereabouts for a masterful example of the tension-building reprise, TOTP-style.

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