Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Pretty pretty Oxford photos

The Hooligan went a-snapping, yesterday. His mission? To seek out Oxford's hidden beauty spots, off the tourist track.

I started off with The Red Lion. Check out that radical wide-angleness. I applaud the choice of red: not your common-or-garden primary hue.

Then Oxford's fine Euro Bar – accommodation for the discerning traveller:

But my greatest discovery was the wonderful multistorey car park behind the Westgate Centre shopping complex (if complex be quite the word).

The above stairway has an odour that might be described as homely. Were one a sewer rat. But it looks amazing. I want to go back there at night time (because I reckon it'd be a really cool and fun place to hang out in the dark) and see what shadows are thrown.

Here's a view from the top, down into a bizarre courtyard:

And as well as affording plenty of nice angles and jommetry, there are some damn fine textures, too:

So, Oxonians: check out the Westgate carpark while you still can. (And boy do I expect the tourist hordes to descend upon it like locusts, now that it's been mentioned on this blog.) It won't be around for long, y'see: demolition is around the corner.

And I'll warrant that the gleaming new multiplectacular structure that takes its place will be way less interesting.

Here's a slideshow of all 'em fotows:

(See, I did slip in an Oxfordy shot, just for you sticklers.)

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