Monday, 7 September 2009

Cogwheel Dogs. Yes.

In a brief interlude from important matters such as Special K masochism, Dr Hugh Brady and the inexcusable, barely comprehensible mediocrity of the panini, I bring you an announcement.

The band in which I play, Cogwheel Dogs, has released an EP today, called Greenhorn. I've gone into this at more length on my rambling music blog Heavy Soil: here's the dramatic announcement I just wrote over there.

Mindful of the intellectual elitism of my audience here at Intellectual Hooligan, though, I'll confine myself simply to offering y'all a link to download the new EP for free. Yes, that's right: free. Like oxygen. And the caterpillar that was nestling amongst the florets of your broccoli.

And here's a link to the Cogwheel Dogs website which I'm going to call grungy folk blues for the hell/SEO of it.

1 comment:

Rij Bungle said...

Awesome. Am currently downloading it. Will leave a scatching review on your blog in time.

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