Thursday, 27 August 2009

Special K Dust Bowl

These folks just opened a new packet too, by the look of it

So ... Hands shaking in excited anticipation of summer slimness, I open my box of Special K. The inner packet seems already to be open. That's what I call customer service. Reassuring.

Unfortunately, the packet seems to contain approximately as much dust as Oklahoma. Jeez! It's like I just punched a hoover bag.

No matter. Into the bowl it goes. A good, hearty portion of Classic K, seasoned with K-dust. Mm mm fricking mm.

On with the full cream milk ... and we're away.

First impression ... Bloody hell! That's pretty damn sweet for a 'diet' cereal. There must be massive amounts of artificial sweetener in here. Gag.

That said, it's not too bad, really. A nice malty kick.

Unfortunately, by the time I'm halfway through my (dust)bowl, the lower strata have been sitting in that creamy, creamy milk for too long. The result? SLIME. It's like eating the spawn of a troupe of Horlicks-dependent frogs.

Glub glub glub.

Still, I'm hungry. And my alternatives are limited (nonexistent). So down the hatch it goes. Slithering down the Hooligan gullet. After all, this is the only thing I've got to fuel me until lunchtime.

And, oh man, am I looking forward to lunchtime...

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