Monday, 24 August 2009

Oxford walk - incidental photos

So, photos.

Yesterday, the Intellectual Hooligan trundled off, Canon EOS 1000D in hand, for a promenade around North Oxford. As is his wont.

En route, the following images presented themselves. First up: some trees and a sky.

Then some birds, racing for the finish line.

And, finally, my favourite photo from the expedition. This is in a small area known as the Trapping Grounds – a curious little haven of woodland and marsh just off Oxford canal. There are loads of blackberries in there (since yesterday, slightly fewer), some unexpected large wooden sculptures, and some frigging brilliant spiders' webs.

This is a bush which – caught in the light from the evening sun – shimmered, rippled and glowed with spiderwebs. To the extent that it was actually difficult to look at it, so focus-defying was the effect of the myriad effervescent strands.

Kind of scary, kind of beautiful. Voila.


stu said...

Nice shots, Mr Hooligan. The Spider Hill approves.

Billicatons said...

Many thanks, Mr Hill, many thanks.

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