Wednesday, 22 July 2009

What brings you here?

Google Analytics Addiction is, increasingly, a recognised phenomenon.

For those of you who don't keep a blog or website (or who do, but haven't yet succumbed to the lure of sweet, juicy statistics on a daily basis), this may be hard to fathom. But there is so much joy, I tell you. So much joy.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Analytics is the facility to see how people reached one's site – specifically, the search terms they put into Google before arriving.

For instance: I note (with a combination of amusement and mild panic) that no less than three people have alighted at the Intellectual Hooligan in the past month via searches for some form of 'dr hugh brady'. 

I hope none of those people was the man himself.

More unambiguously heartening is the news that four people have got here through searches for 'edmund trebus'. I am not alone in my thirst for information on this splendid and elusive fellow.

Meanwhile, some of the other interesting searches that led people Hooliganwards – each one linked to the page to which these intrepid searchers were led. Judge for yourselves whether or not they were satisfied or disappointed with what they found there:

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