Saturday, 4 July 2009

Quote of the day: Julian Linley

'Celebrity mags are, on the surface, about celebs – but they're actually about real life, human emotions and people we can identify with. Every woman who reads them is putting herself into the story.'

Wise words indeed from Julian Linley, editor of Heat magazine. I'd kill for insight like that.

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Anonymous said...

Celeb mags, on the surface are about celebs- but that ain't the half of it.
every week, heat et al whimsically decide who is worshiped and who is demonised. Time moves quicker in celeb universe- and as sure as the wind will blow, these hacks will get bored, change their minds and switch their attention to other targets. If they are good to you, they are VERY good, but beware- they can turn on you at any time.
The out of favour celebs are then thrown to the piranhas before they are discarded. Shelf lives are short in celeb land.

this is the land where hundreds of pounds are paid for photos of celebs going to the shop to buy a pint of milk with a hangover, or drunkenly falling out of a taxi, or snorting coke or whatever. Heat and the rest of the rest pay handsome sums to the paparazzi. Then these snappers are off to the next doorstep before you can say 'posh spice exclusive'. These mags are funded by people who pay to look at photographs of let's say - someone falling out of a taxi - and the whole cycle is repeated again, and again.
Mr Linley is the ringmaster of THAT particular circus, but there are many more out there. Each one doing a disservice to journalism.

You are not doing us a favour, Julian. You see the world in figures (financial ones) and sales opportunities. You have little regard for your fickle play things when you are bored of them - and btw, that facial hair! that was soooo last month.

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