Monday, 20 July 2009

Guest post: Things I Detest

Here at Hooligan HQ, we (yes, all of us) are very much open to the idea of guest posts. We're especially open to these if they happen to be ranting or railing against deplorable social mores.

Best of all are the guest posts that are simmering energetically – barely below boiling point –with rage at the state of human behaviour in the arena of the World Wide Web.

With the above in mind, ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to Christine.

Christine has made energetic contributions to this blog in the past. Her views on The Panini Question, for instance, are commendable. And she is the international authority on faves.

Characteristically, Christine's guest post (in fact, as you will see, it's more of a guest list) is pithy. A quality, you may note, I am undermining by prefacing it with a great waffling deluge of prose.

So, then – over to Christine. Chime in, won't you, with your own additions to the list. And if you are seething with barely contained rage on any subject, send me your soapbox rant by email. The more spittle-flecked its misanthropy the better.

Christine Presents…
A Few Things I Detest

When people are on the internet and write:

  1. Lady!!!
  2. Miss your face!!!
  4. Noms.
  5. Fun times
  6. Good times
  7. Goodtimes (even worse I think)
  8. [----]times (insert any number of words. All annoying.)
  9. FTW (hate it in full as well, but the abbreviation is the absolute pits)
  10. Fail.
  11. Epic Fail. (or any variation of)
  12. Woop woop!!!
  13. [x] sleeps until [some event or other] (usually followed by several exclamation marks)
  14. All that 'I can haz' lol cats balls.
  15. Internets
  16. pEOPle TYpinG LiKe tHiS

Any more, folks? We particularly like Christine's #7 (the omission of the space is particularly heinous) and #14 (for its wording).


Anonymous said...

Lady!! Guest post can haz goodtimes FTW, woop woop!

Christine said...


FieldVole said...

What's FML?

Anonymous said...

FML is "Fuck My Life" - a website dedicated to (mostly fabricated) embarrassing stories.

FieldVole said...

Ah, I see- thank you Mr Craig.

David said...

Listen -- Lady! -- it's not that I miss your face; I want to EAT your face -- OM NOM NOM NOM. Yeah, lots of noms. Good times. But honestly, even though we all know these days it's fun and goodtimes FTW, I gotta say your guest post = total FAIL. Sorry, am I not being clear? Epic Fail! Yes.

Srsly, u can haz all deh h8-postz u wantz, but on t3h internetz no one iz can hear u scream.

WoOP WOop!!!!!11

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