Monday, 25 May 2009

The World [Wide Web] Is Not Enough

The Internet contains everything, doesn't it? Anything you might possibly want? Yes?


It does not contain video footage of the Intellectual Hooligan's lifestyle mentor – the sadly deceased Mr Edmund Trebus. Or if it does, the Hooligan's sporadic searches have failed to unearth said footage.

I was first reminded of the Trebusmeister upon rereading this brilliant article on untidiness –which speaks to me (some would say, a little too eloquently).

Do you remember Mr Trebus? The man was a legend. He rose to fame as a result of the excellent Life of Grime series (narrated by the also sadly deceased John Peel) – in which series he featured as a gentleman chronically predisposed to hoarding.

Considering his showstopping appearances on Life of Grime (he was clearly the biggest celebrity of the series, which chronicled the lives of the extraordinarily messy and the attempts of the city council to moderate this messiness), I was rather surprised to discover the WWW's paucity of information on the chap. Sure, there's a site dedicated to the man – and a Trebus entry on Wikipedia – but what's happened to the video clips?

Trebus was a sprightly old chap, fond of the defiant catchphrase, 'Stick it in yer chuffer!' – often employed during his efforts to confound his patient adversaries in the city council. He'd fiercely berate the council employees for trespassing upon his property, and disrespecting his possessions – in so earnestly righteous a fashion as to prompt a reappraisal: wait a second, doesn't the guy have a point?

(Okay, so his neighbours were overrun with rats as a result of the piles of refuse collected in the man's garden ...)

Anyhow, I'd've thought that he'd be all over YouTube ... But all I can find is some pitiful band performing a song they've entitled 'Mr Trebus' in a transparent effort to garner hits.

This isn't right, surely?


So I put this out as an appeal. A cry into the webby void – a plea for Trebusfootage.

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