Monday, 11 May 2009

Hardcore Filth

(Sorry. That title was shameless search-engine bait. Though there is some pretty manky stuff further down.)

Last post around, I promised you dirty, dirty panini shots. And (though a bit of sick comes up just thinking about it) I propose to deliver aforesaid filth.

But (along with the bit of sick) I can't help but taste a certain tang of sweet, sweet vindication in the air.

Sorry – I shouldn't get ahead of myself. First: here's the picture you've all been waiting for:

And the closeup:



KFC, let this be the one and only time in my life at which I fucking salute you. You have just proven my point so astonishingly eloquently that I can scarcely believe you didn't read my blog post and think: 'Hey, paninis! This guy is onto something! Paninis could give KFC that high-class Joan Collins facelift we've been looking for! That elusive touch of insouciant sophistication!'

(Folk at KFC think with plenty of exclamation marks. You better believe it.

Look at the tagline and all:

'Make lunch luxurious'

(In a swirly typeface, no less. Luxurious, innit?)

HAHAHAHAHA once again.

All you panini-defenders, take note: your new 'ally' is Kentucky Fried Chicken – that gastronomic weathervane par excellence. The panini now takes its place on a gustatory rostrum that also elevates such gourmet delights as the 'Boneless Banquet'.

If this were a war, KFC weighing in on your side would be equivalent to a declaration of common purpose from friggin' North Korea.

Because I'm feeling jaunty (in my mood of triumphant schadenfreude), I'll throw in a photo of the KFC panino, courtesy of the superbly-named Kentucky Fried Bloggin'.

Yeh. Paninis. Finger-lickin' Classy.


Billicatons said...

Tell you what is possibly the most disturbing thing about that hideous photo? The fact that the 'meat' on display is supposed to be chicken.

Fuck, it looks more like a goat's brain or something.


Christine said...

I don't believe that you got that last photo from the KFC Bloggin' site.

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