Saturday, 30 May 2009

Caitlin Moran's Righteous Indignation

There's a TV roundup by Caitlin Moran on the Times website – that rounds up four programmes I did not watch (putting them in the same category as every single other programme that was on over the last week).

What she has to say about Simon Schama, Armando Ianucci (Milton's farting angels: excellent) and the programme on Tourette's is definitely worth a read – but I'm going to lift her words on BBC2's Who's Watching You?, because I find them table-thumpingly righteous and, well, just pretty much bang-on.

In a typical moment, Richard Bilton [the presenter] took us to a beach where CCTV had been installed. This was to catch dog-owners who let their hounds decorate the foreshore with steaming ziggurats of excreta, then walked away, whistling.

One such dog-owner was Mr Shipman. He had nine dogs that he had emptied out on the sand, and had later been busted by CCTV footage. “I was brought up on the Channel Islands during the Nazi occupation,” he shrilled, “and this city is going the same way! It’s absolutely disgraceful!”

No — what’s disgraceful is forcing councils to spend thousands of pounds in trying to make you act like a decent, responsible human being, all you kvetching, Clarkson-lite, self-righteous whingers who rail against CCTV, traffic wardens, speed-bumps and health and safety inspectors.

Shame on you for insisting that we must police you into civility, you idiots. Shame on you.

Damn right. Not much I can add to that.

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