Friday, 22 May 2009

Bank Holiday Blogfreeze

Now I don't know for sure that it'll happen. But I'm prepared to bet.

It's a bank holiday weekend, here in the United Kingdom. That means Monday off work. An extra day of government-endorsed slothfulness. Bang on.

Now, it's at such a time that the Intellectual Hooligan is (past experience suggests) most likely to find himself mooching around the dusty corners of the interwebs. And it is at such a time, correspondingly, that he is at his most thirsty for droplets of RSS-delivered moisture. Blogged sustenance.

But, every public holiday, nobody ever blogs anything. The buggers.


But my feed aggregator is left cruelly bereft of aggregatable fodder. The soughing desert winds blow across my barren Apple Mail subscription collection.

And so, like an OCD gardener with a lawnmower and a postage-stamp lawn, I trundle back and forth, round and round. Guardian website. Times website. Check emails. Check other emails. Twitter. Last FM. Facebook. [Repeat to fade].


So, in an effort singlehandedly to buck the trend (although, I realise, one does not buck with one's hands unless one's anatomy is somewhat unconventional), the Intellectual Hooligan will endeavour to spew forth a veritable RSS torrent over the course of this bank holiday weekend.

Boy, have we got some treats lined up for you?

Yes, boy, we fucking have. (And stop looking at me questioningly with those big dumb boyish eyes of yours. YOU'RE RHETORICAL, damn it.)

So what've we got to look forward to?

  • We've got possibly the worst multiple choice quiz ever.
  • We've got a homage to one of the Intellectual Hooligan's personal heroes – a style icon, if you will. A giant of a man whose presence on the WWW – albeit posthumously – is crying out for a boost (no, not that kind of boost). Who is this exemplar? Tune your blogreaders to the Hooligan frequency (or point your slathering email inboxes in a subscriberly direction) to find out.
  • Over on siblingblog Heavy Soil (if it's a sibling, it's clearly the aloof older adolescent brother, acting cool in front of its sister's friends. Fucking loser.) we'll be reviewing ol' Jarv Cocker's new album, Further Complications.
  • And we'll be liveblogging our way through this box of chocolates, wot we got given as a present:

… Just for you. Damn right. This is investigative journalism at its finest.

Together, my friends, we can RSS up this bank holiday.

(When I say 'together', I guess I just mean me, really, don't I? Unless, of course, you want to comment...)


Christine said...

Blog on!

Anonymous said...

I say, I'm rather looking forward to this!

FieldVole said...

Who gave you the chocolates? This is dangerous stuff.

Anonymous said...

Oi! Parnell! Where's the Jarvis review you promised? And the multiple choice quiz. I feel deeply disappointed.

(But in the words of They Might Be Giants - "If it wasn't for disappointment, I wouldn't have any appointments.")

Billicatons said...

[Ruefully] Ack, I know. They are both in the works, I assure you ... These past few days have been busier (or perhaps I've just been lazier?) than I anticipated.

But I'll endeavour to remove the prefix from your disappointment very soon.

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