Monday, 13 April 2009

Eastertime photography

What better pursuit for a lazy Easter Monday than amateur photography? And what better weather?

None (answer to both above questions).

So it was that the Intellectual Hooligan lensed himself up and stepped out onto the mean streets of Oxford, armed only with a camera. And I tell you, people: it's a warzone out there:

No sooner had I stepped outside than I was confronted by a miniature petrified forest on my very doorstep.

I then wandered aimlessly (aided every so often by my trusty iPhone GPS) through North Oxford. Highlights included asphalt butterfly ...

... beheaded cone ...

... stealth hexagon ...

... metal fountains ...

... and Modern Alarms ...

(Pretty modern, huh?)

At length, I had the feeling I was being watched:

... before chancing upon what may be the first allusion to genital warts on a piece of public signage.

Fittingly, my photographic exploits ended with a piece I like to entitle Yellow Futility / Shine On You Crazy Streetlamp:

You can (should you so desire) see all the photos on my Flickr page, or in the slideshow embedded below.

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