Sunday, 22 February 2009

Bold claims

The best value computer repair shop?

In the whole of Oxford??

In quotation marks???

Man, these guys must be goooood.

On point of fact, they are not good. They are cack. No, really, they are. I know you're surprised. You're thinking, 'What, surely not!? Not with a name like Budget Internet Cafe!'

But it's true. The lazy goodfornothings – contrary to a scrawled note saying 'open at 11.30 today' – were still shut at 12.30.

I suppose that's 'good value' in the same way that starvation is effective dieting.


David said...

What did you want them to do?

Rebecca said...

I wanted them to align the word 'computer' centrally, in keeping with the rest of it. Then I'd have been sold.

David said...

Heh, that is also odd, now that you mention it. Maybe they were trying to convey a sense of 'progress' in the sign :)

Actually, by my previous question I just meant, why were you visiting the computer place? Did your laptop die or something? As the (probably limited, on this blog) people who know me are aware, I have a bizarre interest in things computational. Certainly not as bizarre as some programmers I know, however.

Billicatons said...

Rebecca: Er, I think you'll find that's called edgy/modern graphic design. Keep 'em guessing.

David: I didn't want them to do anything whatsoever. Thank the risen Lord. We just wanted to use their goddamn printer. Charlatans.

We ended up in the rather trendy Costa Cafe instead.

That's probably a pretty boring response. Sorry to disappoint your computational curiosity if so.

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