Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Are you SICK?

More specifically, are you SICK of directing your web browser to The Intellectual Hooligan every hour; of wearing your mouse-clicking finger to the bone as you feverishly hit refresh – in vain?

Are you like a heroin junkie in withdrawal – desperately craving your next hit, in the form of the next part of the Ongoing Saga of Duncan and Gabrielle? (Fear not – it's in the works, dear junkie.)

I make it sound so appealing, don't I?

Come on, you crazies: save yourself some browsing. Studies have shown that people who sign up to RSS feeds are 52% more likely to be rated 'Spicy' or above by members of the opposite sex. And look at Obama. I bet he subscribes to blogs. Be more like him, why don't you?

(Obviously, if you're reading this post as a current subscriber, you may rest warm in the knowledge that you are already both spicy and Obamaesque. Reeeeezult. You fuckin' rule. Get fundraising for 2012.)

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