Monday, 12 January 2009

Tomasky Pt2

I've written before about the superb Michael Tomasky, my US election hero. And I make no apology for the fact that he once again graces the Intellectual Hooligan's pages.

Right now, he just made me laugh.

The article in question is about Bush and Rumsfeld. It contains a number of quotations from both in which is betrayed, one might say, a certain disjunction with reality. It's a short article, and worth reading. Taster: Bush's most anxiety-inducing moment as President? Making a baseball pitch.

Anyhow, after presenting these quotations, Tomasky writes, in his dry old way:

Somehow, these statements [of Bush and Rumsfeld] don't sound like spin to me. Rummy and Bush sound like part of them actually believe what they're saying here. When we make errors, we find ways to justify our actions retroactively. You and I just don't happen to have made errors that resulted in untold thousands of deaths because we lied to the world and then went out and executed the war based on our lies haplessly.
As for the baseball thing, I think he just has no idea how this sort of talk comes across to people (i.e., he sounds like an insensitive and shallow fool). Anyway, it'll be nice to be governed by people from planet Earth.

Ah, Tomasky. Good stuff. Though you should really have sorted out the word order in the final line of the earlier paragraph above: that misplaced 'haplessly' really screws up the flow and somewhat undermines your humour. I almost resorted to editing it myself.

Here's a link to Tomasky's blog.

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