Friday, 9 January 2009

Marketing Will Never Be The Same Again

It is the ever-eagle-eyed Rebecca Mosley whom I have to thank for alerting me to this fabulous piece of polish-a-turd marketing that graces the menus of a less-than-family-run public house in Oxford (we just had chips, in case you were wondering).

Wow. That's what I call personal. You mean I can choose what I get to eat? Seriously?

Like all the best innovations, this one opens up a whole new vista of marketing/sales opportunities:

HooliganAir – fly with us and we'll let you select your destination!

Hoolico – the first supermarket to give you control over what goes into your trolley!

Intellectual Dating – letting you meet only the people you actually fancy!

Hooligan LettingsWe Even Throw In Walls And A Roof ... ABSOLUTELY FREE! (TM)

Hool Finance – The New Way To Bank: letting you withdraw money whenever you want.

Ladies and gentlemen, we may have a revolution on our hands.


Rebecca said...

I actually cannot stop laughing every time I look at this image...

Anonymous said...

Hooligan Multiplex -- Allowing you to see what you want, when you want. An unparalleled choice of two films, each playing once daily! Now with 50% more decisions, including "popcorn or no popcorn" and "get out or be thrown out".

David said...

Since it's in red, scrawly type, isn't it a deliberate play on the movie trailer commonplace:

'He's back. And this time, it's personal.'

Then it would be irony, not idiocy.

Billicatons said...

Hahaha ...

David, you are very charitable. But the point is a good one.

Rebecca said...

for some reason, after reading htose two words together 'irony, idiocy' I have the Stevie Wonder/Paul McCartney song 'Ebony and Ivory' on the brain. I'm enjoying this particular lyrical variation. Thank you, David, for this.
"Irony, idiocy, livin' in perfect harmony..."

Billicatons said...

I say once again (in customarily eloquent fashion):

Mosley, you are rockin' the comments.

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