Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The delight of masturbation

'... the first tourists appeared in Slovenia back in 1213 and left a message documenting their visit in one of the caves in the Postojna complex. The discovery that we ourselves are unquestionably the descendants of these tourists is telling; we view ourselves from the position of foreign visitors. This is a strategy associated with the delight of masturbation.'

The Intellectual Hooligan finds himself lost for words in advancing a counterargument to this and many of the assertions contained within the explicatory (to use the term loosely) pamphlet accompanying the above depicted work of art.

What is it? Entropa by David Cerny – a piece commissioned by the Czech government on the occasion of its ascension to the rotating EU presidency.

A quick interweb scan reveals a lack of decent photographs depicting the work (the above, pilfered from The Guardian website, is the largest, but plastered with ugly numerals [Blogger has decided to bisect it arbitrarily, rather than shrink to fit the column; but you can see the whole image by clicking on it wid yo' mouse. Or tapping on your iPhone, natch]). Anyhow, you ought to content yourself with the pamphlet, which is quite entertaining enough in its own right.

It's often pretty special when artists write about their own work; all the more so when passed through the bowels of the translation process. See/read more, not only about the delight of masturbation, but also 'faecally pubertal' punk gestures, communal military urination and the 'inner ethnic exoticism and the marketing of a distant, idealized Ireland'. Bagpipes?

Confused? Read the pamphlet. You'll remain confused, but your confusion will metamorphose.

I'm pretty sure it's all supposed to be hilarious. Damn fine stuff.

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Matt Sellwood said...

I like the way that the Songsmith video was so appalling that it actually doesn't let you comment on that post.

Though I think you're too hard on the guy who is in a band. He's only trying to 'get his groove on'. Apparently.

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