Tuesday, 4 November 2008

What does one drink on such a night as this?

So: it's election night.

Therefore, despite a general tendency not to consume more than token amounts of alcohol on weeknights, the Intellectual Hooligan has cracked open a bottle of Election Day Pinot Grigio.

(Er ... It's not actually called that, you understand.)

Ah ... Limpid, complex, aromatic ... I'm getting citrus oils, elderflower – a hint of gooseberry. Elegant ... Balanced...

Actually, it's a couple of steps away from cats' piss. It's Pinot Grigio, for Christ's sake. Insubstantial yet harshly astringent; cheap, designed for the mass market. In tribute to Sarah Palin, therefore, I raise my pinot-grigio-filled glass.

That's what I get for buying Marks & Spencer 'Eat In For 10 pounds'. Heck, I had to choose something – and it was either that or the cheap Australian Chardonnay...

For the record: it's easy to slate Palin. And, by internet standards, I've probably been fairly subtle, here. But – my spittle-drenched opposition to every last one of her views, my wholesale condemnation of her politics and my heartfelt wish that McCain had not seen fit to cheapen his ticket thus aside – I say without bitterness or hostility: this woman has performed sodding brilliantly, given her inexperience.

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Anonymous said...

She did indeed "perform" brilliantly. As John Cleese pointed out, she learned her speeches in parrot fashion, without being able to diverge from her learned script and deliver an actual argument. She was added rather cynically to McCain's campaign I believe, and I'm delighted to say that it didn't work.

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