Saturday, 1 November 2008

Juicy flies in the web

To mark the end of the month of October, the Intellectual Hooligan presents you with a number of web-bound nuggets into which any e-spider would surely be glad to sink her fangs.
  • My enviably creative and observant friend Rebecca blogs about adopted objects. This is an enormously RSS-friendly blog in general – a feedreading treat. Have a look at bespectacled man with moustache – and then subscribe.
  • Over at the superbly-titled Flickering Too Long, meanwhile, there's a review of the Coen Brothers' Burn After Reading. A film I am now determined to see ...
  • The Anglo-Buddhist Combine (explanation of the blog's title) is substantially better-informed and more lucid than the Intellectual Hooligan on matters political. I recommend this piece on US politics.
  • Finally, this article about the poetry of spires is rather interesting (was originally published in the Chicago Tribune, but far better-presented by Slow Painting). The prose tends toward the purple at times, but nevertheless worth a look.

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