Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Photos on the internet for drugs

The JobCentre. Where the happy people go.

One of the Intellectual Hooligan's roving correspondents found herself, yesterday, in this fine national establishment. She was waiting to speak to one of the advisers.

Having waited some time, she decided to send a swift text message. However, no sooner was her phone whisked from her pocket than did the figure of a security guard loom above her.

"Excuse me, miss. You can't use your phone here."

"Oh ... right ..." she replied, a little discombobulated, allowing a faintly quizzical note to enter her voice.

"It's not allowed, see," elaborated the guard. "People have been taking photographs of staff on their mobile phone. And putting them on the internet ..."

He paused.

"... For drugs."

Of course – following so grave an injunction – our correspondent hastily sheathed her mobile and whispered her chastened apologies.

Only – on reflection – what was that he said?
  1. Taking photographs of staff
  2. Putting them on the internet
  3. ... For drugs?
How does that work, exactly? Just how valuable are these photos? What's the going rate? Two lines of coke for a slightly blurred shot of the guy on reception?

And – what's more – how have these shady dealings escaped the notice of the national press?

The Intellectual Hooligan notches up one more scoop.

(Honestly, though: does anyone have an idea what the guy might possibly have meant?)


Anonymous said...

Didn't you hear? Blurry photos of Job Centre employees are now legal tender in drug hotspots. Like Lancashire.

Anonymous said...

He probably heard about it on the Stephen Nolan Show.

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