Monday, 20 October 2008

Patronising Idiots Hit Marketing Jackpot

Residents of the United Kingdom: hands up everyone who admires the state of the national rail network.


Now, bearing the hypothetical result of such a vote, take a look at the following couple of ads that I've recently noticed appearing around the web:

Sorry, excuse me while I cough up chunks of lung in maniacal, uncontrollable laughter.

... Right. Yes. So. Am I alone in considering these pretty poorly judged? Borderline insulting to those consumers (such as myself) who always buy train tickets at the station?

Implying that the behaviour of such consumers is idiotic?

Consumers who, perhaps, have better things to do with their life than plan their sodding train journeys weeks in advance in order to avoid train companies' exorbitant markups for failing to do so.

Consumers who don't actually know the exact time they plan to travel and are therefore unable to book in advance for a specific journey time, the only way it is possible to book.

So – it's us – the aforementioned consumers, that are the stupid ones?

I'm sorry, thetrainline, but you can just sod off with your 'quirky' sheep-featuring ads and your cunning, ninja marketing technique of taking the piss out of your customers for failing to jump through the hoops you've set up for them.

Yeh, sod off.

And get back to what you do best: fleecing.

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