Thursday, 28 August 2008

Heavy Soil

Like music?

Well, do you?

Back at school, in French lessons, would you heartily respond to the question, "Qu'est-ce que tu aimes faire?" with a joyous, "Moi, j'aime beaucoup ecouter de la musique!"?

Does your CV list, "A keen interest in and enthusiasm for contemporary popular beat combos" under the 'hobbies' section?

(Your CV has a hobbies section, right?)

When you're making your suave, casanovan move on a delectable human being (er ... or non-human being, if that's the way you roll), do you cosy up with the heart-melting question, "What bands are you into?"

If the answer to the above is yes (and, knowing my readers as I do, I suspect it will be), may I ask you to cast your e-gaze towards the latest addition to my family. Of blogs.

Her name is Heavy Soil.

What a pretty name.

The idea? Every day, one - just one - mp3 that's available or listenable-to freely and legitimately via the wonders of the worldwide web. And some burblings by me about what makes it interesting.

Short(ish) posts, if you can believe it.

And ... music.

So: get heavily soiled. Maintenant!

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