Wednesday, 30 July 2008

'Perfecting the Look'

... Such were the words of my wry young friend Rebecca when I sent her the following image of my charming mug.

I just received these glasses in the post from Urban Outfitters (go on, snap y'self up a pair, if you dare).

As you'll note, the black dominates my pallid features, somewhat. And they are massive.

I think - as I remarked to Rebecca - the expression on my face in the above shot eloquently conveys my feelings. Note the slightly rueful twist to the smile (and the telltale anguished finger-bending of my left hand). Embarrassed amusement. Shock, manfully contained.

And, dear reader, do you detect a hint of fear? Fear at the prospect of somebody suddenly walking into my office to find me posing in front of Photo Booth with my joke-specs.

So: thumbs up, thumbs down? Roll up, roll up, for the Intellectual Hooligan's first poll (I thought I'd start you off with an easy question ...) Oh, and feel free to debate the finer points down in the comments, won't you?

Should the Intellectual Hooligan adorn his visage in this way?
Aye! This 'perfects the look' admirably.
Nay! For shame! free polls


Andrew said...

these glasses are incredible and i shall have nothing said against them.

Christine said...

Recently there's been a lot of a certain type of person running around in those specs (and skinny jeans. did you get a pair of those, too?) in Belfast. And now that I think of it, it's possibly been for the same period of time the new Urban Outftters shop has been open here. You do the math.

Billicatons said...

Andrew: you are the champion of the glasses. Lancelot of eyewear.

Christine: ah ... But do these 'types' sport so enigmatic an expression of combined self-rebuke and amusement? Do they wear their spectacles in so vulnerably self-aware a manner?

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