Friday, 4 July 2008

A Cornucopia of Blogs

Like a sweaty-palmed youngster of dubious moral stance, unsupervised in a sweet shop, I've been helping myself to fistfuls of free blog space. Thanks, Blogger.

Why, after all, keep just one blog when you could have four? To whit ...

The Majestical Blogroll of Billicatons
  • The Intellectual Hooligan - ephemera, soapboxing, vitamin-enriched trivia
  • Cogwheelblog - happenings that relate to the band in which I play electric [laser-]cello
  • d'Overblog - the blog I recently established to record news and events at the College by which I am currently employed
  • MOGblog - whereat I review albums and gigs and spout musical opinions
... And I am pleased to announce [amidst trumpet fanfares, drum rolls, dancing pumas and some misguided bugger playing the bagpipes] – the addition of yet another blog:

Since I spend so much of my time thinking about how best to communicate with other human beings – whether via the written word, graphical images, musical sounds or inept blathering – I thought it might make sense to chronicle my thoughts as they related to the business of communications and marketing.

So that, dear blogtrotter, is what I shall do.

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