Sunday, 20 July 2008

Christ alive!

I'm sorry. But 'South Parade' is not what I'm thinking, right now.

What I'm thinking:


In the sweet name of our Lord – what possessed the designers of this publication (which, inside advertises – innocuously enough – a variety of shops, eateries and cultural oases local to the road near which I live) – what possessed them to illustrate its cover in so monstrous a fashion?


Rebecca said...

'Tis such stuff that nightmares are made on...but you know, on reflection, it does have a sort of 'alien charm' to it...
I wouldn't forget it.

Jekteir said...

Gets you talking. Innit.

Billicatons said...

Yes. Those crafty South Parade brochure designers, damn them! It's viral marketing of the most cunningly insidious variety.

Setting the blogosphere ablaze!

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